Hi, I’m Rebecca, the mother of the adorable, if occasionally exasperating munchkins that this blog is named after; Aditi and Advaith. They’re  three and a half and 8 months old respectively. This is my attempt at keep track of the fleeting moments that make up the best parts of being a parent. The only people, as far as I know, who read this blog are their grandparents, my cousins and occasionally my brother (I hope). If you’re not any of these people, please say hi! It’s always nice to make blog friends.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    We are not from one of the above relatives or near and dear that you mentioned. I stumbled on this website accidentally while trying to search for another personal blog that one of my friend maintains by posting pictures of his family. He is an Indian, mallu to be precise, and I like his photography skills and the way he posted them too. He showed it once when he worked with me in a previous organisation. I couldn’t locate that website but nevertheless I came across this wonderful and beautifully laid out and narrated blog. The kids are simply cute and cuddly.

    To tell a little about me – we just immigrated to Canada and immediately fell in love with this beautiful and vast country for which we left our homeland, a tough decision at the age of 45 yrs though. Well, as they aptly said – age doesn’t matter to experiment, to experience the nature and to accept the challenges. What is required is the gut, the focus and determination hence we moved on with our plan.

    I am since long of a plan to start off and maintain my own blog putting together our family pictures but never seriously worked on it. But now, since we have settled down here I thought it would be wise and just the right time to put this idea into reality and your blog just helped in adding more fuel to my fire. I am not sure how successful I am going to be or whether I will really start if off, time decides 🙂

    Yes, it is indeed nice to have blog friends. Nice to have met you and our best wishes to you all! Take care!

  2. Hi guys
    Novice Gardener, I’m so sorry to be replying a year later but you are of course very welcome to browse around. I’m also sorry for the lack of new content but soon!
    Mr. Reddy, thanks for your very nice comment and good luck with your own blog!

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