Daisy Backyard Campout: The one in which I let Aditi have her first sleepover because I didn’t want to sleep in a tent

Under the guidance of some good fairy I lucked into signing up for Daisies, which are, in case you don’t know, a sort of pre Girl Scouts thing. Since we spent a good amount of time in India Aditi missed out on earning some of her petals but we did get back in time for the Daisy Backyard campout, which was hosted by our neighbour who is also the Daisy Troop leader. TBH I wasn’t sure if mom’s were supposed to sleep over but most of the other moms RSVP’d to staying over. I didn’t because Aditi was super certain that I didn’t need to spend the night.

I did stay till she was changed and ready for bed though. Our neighbour had planned dinner and games for the kids and after that there was s’mores. It was really fun.




At around 11.30 I decided to take my self home. The kids slept in tents in the backyard with a few moms. I heard that they slept only after 1:00 am! I did come back in the morning with donuts for everyone; my attempt at reparations 🙂 Aditi had the best time and she wants us to host a sleepover at our house now for her best friends. Soon to be attempted. Stay tuned!


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