First Day of Kindergarten


Today is Aditi’s first day of kindergarten. I thought I’d be able to resist taking a picture with the cheesy little signs but I could not. Roll not your eyes, lest ye be eye rolled back or something like that.


Someone was very excited. She’d already been to school twice, once for a kindergarten screening and the second time to meet her teacher. Her teacher interview went really well I think because after that she’s been so excited about all the things they’re going to do. There’s library day, there’s gym and there’s show and tell! So many things to do, so many friends to make!


After we took this picture, Ro went inside to get sunglasses. Hint: not because it was a very sunny day.



Did I mention she was excited? I asked her if she was more excited about school than Disney World and she said yes! Take that Magic kingdom!


You’d think she got on the bus without even a backward glance right? Nope! She turned around once to show us her happy, happy grin but that photo was a little blown out. She didn’t hesitate at all though, she got on the bus and sat right in front, just like she said she would.


A picture of two Padinjarekara men, who cannot believe she just went to school all by herself without even shedding a single tear. Hahaha! Advaith is going to start preschool two days a week in September. I promise that will be a very different scene.

My big girl! I’m so proud of you!

3 thoughts on “First Day of Kindergarten

  1. Congrats Adithi munchkins. You were just a twee baby a few months ago it seems like and look at you now, all growed up on us. First day of Kindie, my-oh-my, a biggie for sure. The polka dot dress is just beautiful on her. You must be one helluva proud momma now.

    And can I just add on a totally unrelated note how stunning your front porch or entryway looks. Love, love those tall mix of planters you’ve used and the color on the front door.

    Our bestest to Adithi this school year.

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