Arjan & Avni

This fall Aditi will move from her montessori preschool to the public school kindergarten. Its quite a big move emotionally, she has to ride on the bus, no one from her preschool will be going to this school, so she’s starting over. She is excited about her move in theory but we all know that kids are excited about all sorts of things in theory only to have full on tantrums when faced with reality. So, I’m glad of her bond with Arjan, who she informed me is her BFF – that’s best friends forever Amma! – and hopefully we will all continue to meet up and have fun playdates like these in the future even when they’re both in different schools.

DSC_0539 DSC_0536


(There’s some potential her for some budding BFFship too :))


p.s. I know most of these photos are slightly out of focus but I love how they capture a typical playdate, so I decided to put them up anyway.



One thought on “Arjan & Avni

  1. Glad to see you back here after a bit. My, my how does your garden grow…I mean the kids:-) Aditi has grown into a luscious looking moppet and I see something more than BFF budding perhaps between the very trying-to-look serious Advaith and Avni:-)

    Congrats to Aditii on her move to KG(as I recall we called it back in India growing up, or at least we did in Goa). She’s a big gal now. I think the initial excitement is good, you’d rather have that than apprehension I’ll tell you that. V was excited too except that he continued in the same school as his pre-K except he told me he was now all “growed up” and would be allowed to play on the big slides.

    Have fun y’all this summer. Any road trips planned?

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