Road Trip with Kids, Part III: North and South Dakota

DSC_0651Mt Rushmore was one of the planned stops on our way but like many of our stops, Advaith was asleep and we opted to just drive by instead. I’m not sure what we missed but it was still impressive and it definitely checked a box on Ro’s bucket list.

DSC_0685 DSC_0687Advaith by this time was just beginning to really, really hate getting into the car seat. Aditi was more resigned.

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We opted to go on the Enchanted Highway but I think we were more fascinated by these elaborate sculptures in the middle of nowhere than Aditi. (Advaith of course had no opinion of them whatsoever.)

The Dakotas were actually really fascinating to me. SO empty and SO lonely. As Rohit said, how do you get married here? Where do you meet people?

DSC_0689 DSC_0704

I can’t find a set of photographs I took of the kids in a dinosaur park  or at the Flintstones Park in SD but one of the things we did do  everywhere was to stop at a lot of theme parks. This one was taken at one called Fairy Tale Village and it was really cute.


The last place of note that I can find pictures of was Jamestown, the birthplace of Louis L’amour. I haven’t read much Louis L’amour but my brother in law is a big fan and we were so excited to stop there and check it out on his behalf.DSC_0732 DSC_0741 DSC_0761 DSC_0767 DSC_0769The whole place is st up like an old time-y western town. You can walk up and down the main drag and see an old school house, an old church and ye old saloon of course. They also had some cute little antique and souvenir shops and we bought two cute little ceramic pigs, made by an artist who doesn’t even a website to link to. Amazing huh?

We’re on to our last leg now – Minnesota to Chicago, so we’re almost done with this enormous photo dump 🙂


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