Costa Rica II

DSC_0035-2The second hotel we stayed in was in Parque Nacional Maunel Antonio. I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called now, I’ll update after Ro wakes up. It wasn’t as fancy as the other hotel but it had a really fantastic view. As you can tell from my daughters face.

What you can’t see from this picture is that we also overlooked one of the hotel swimming pools, which was surrounded by some lush greenery. We got really lucky the first day we went there and we saw a sloth, rather Ro did. I could just barely make it out because I thought it was really well camouflaged. You can see it fairly clearly here because it’s a bit overexposed and because the baby sloth is facing us. When Ro showed it to me later they were snuggled into each other and Iu could just barely make out the different texture of the fur against the branch.DSC_0074The beach was kind of rough and also a little bit dirty. People had been using it as a toilet, I guess we got there a bit too early. It was nice though, there were a couple of spots which were just beautiful and I could have spent more time there just chilling on the beach.DSC_0311DSC_0047-2


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