Aditi’s Fourth (4!!!) Birthday

Last Sunday, Aditi turned 4. How is that possible? I have no idea, please don’t even ask.

Since she’s started going to school we have been to a lot of parties and Aditi has been just dying to have her own party where all her friends can come. I’d wanted to do it somewhere outside the house, like at the park or the pool but Ro convinced me an old fashioned at home party was the way to go. And it was. We kept it really simple – we asked the neighbors daughter and her cousin to come help out with a craft and do face painting. We bought a few balls and left them around the backyard and we had a pinata. That was the extent of the “entertainment”. It was pretty funny how the girls were into the facepainting and craft, while the boys headed straight for the balls and the swing set.

The food was equally simple – ice cream bar where you could choose your own toppings, a donut cake (straight up copied from A Cup of Jo), veggie chips and little hot dog rolls. Juice and water. The ice cream bar was a big hit with the kids, the donut cake impressed the moms but our biggest improvement on any party we had been to so far was the decision to serve beer. It was kind of funny to see how parent’s eyes lit up when they were offered a beer. No judgement. Totally understandable. It relaxed me.

As part of the home-y vibe of the party I’d thought Betty and Thejus would help out with the photographs but unfortunately Betty wasn’t feeling quite the thing so in the end we only have a couple of photographs from the clean up stage of the party, so parents please enjoy the few we remembered to take after everyone was gone and more than half the stuff was cleared away. Also excuse the extreme graininess, the camera was on 1So 1600 and I don’t know how to fix that.


The Birthday Girl! and the scene of the crime.
Tasteful party decor
The crafts table and yes mother, I wore a caftan.



6 thoughts on “Aditi’s Fourth (4!!!) Birthday

  1. Beks thks for sharing that post. Ur kids sure r lucky n blessed to hv such wonderful parents. The venue looks gorgeous.

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