Spring Planting

So the last couple of days the weather has been perfect somewhere between 72 and 80 F. Most of our tulips are past their prime but there are some allium coming in the front yard that are hotly anticipated; by me anyway. Its weird how my favourite season has changed from summer to spring. Although maybe not so weird if you’ve been through a couple of winters here. I love all the flowers and the flowering trees and just everything about it. Every morning the kids and I eat breakfast on the deck. It makes the getting ready for school routine just a little easier. Our garden is doing a little better this year too. We have some new plants in the yard in front and we have decided to get help with the lawn so we have Scotts lawn come and fertilize and weed the lawn. 

The veggie garden is getting going as well. Now that there is no chance of frost Ro decided to plant his veggies. Of course he had an able helper and not so skillful helper. 

DSC_0284 kabab me haddi DSC_0270


The new rule is that if we grew it we all have to eat it. Here’s hoping for healthier eating this year!


4 thoughts on “Spring Planting

  1. The weather looks so great – ours was Spring for two weeks and now it’s back to being standard English wet weather 😦 As an aside, I love Aditi’s dress and Ro’s trousers!

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