River Trails Park


When Christa was here, we mostly stayed home because the kids were sick and then all the adults got sick. However there was the one day where it was warm enough and the kids seemed happy enough that we ventured out to the River Trails Nature Center. It’s right by our house and they have a bunch of trails that you can just potter around and meander about. Here we are posing in front of the Sugar Shack, which sounds promising but was closed.

DSC_0013Spring hasn’t quite gripped the trees yet but there were definitely some signs of spring here and there. Mostly though the walk was through these slowly awakening trees.


At the end of the trail we chose was a grassy meadow with one tree in the middle of it. Christa, Aditi and I ran up and down, back and forth but Aditi always won. DSC_0033-2Ro and Advaith chose to chill out instead. Eh, Advaith is just  passed out from all the effort of protesting being strapped into a stroller.


In the end we all just decided to chill. Afterwards we decided to go the Bob Chinn’s Crab House, which is supposedly one of the Top 5 busiest restaurants in the US. It has good reviews on Yelp but I guess we may have ordered the wrong things because I was definitely not impressed. I would describe it as average at best. On the other hand we are really excited about going back to River Trail park when the weather gets warmer. They are supposed to have some good programs which may be fun to take Aditi over the summer. 



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