Christmas Day

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This year was a perfect Christmas; we decided (not a hard or tough decision though) to celebrate it just the four of us and it worked out wonderfully. The kids enjoyed their presents, we’d thought out all the meals (yummy!) and we stayed in our Christmas jammies all day and truth be told most of Boxing Day too.

I’ve been meaning to write a post with all the little things we did for Christmas, like leaving out the glittered oats Aditi brought home from school for the reindeer, making gingerbread men and going to Crate and Barrel to buy Christmas ornaments on sale, but honestly most of the time when faced with the choice of sitting down and writing or going to bed, I choose going to bed. it might be a while before such a post gets written, because there were a lot of little things. Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures because right now someone is stuck in a pile of laundry and needs, to quote her “Help! Help!”

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