A Few Good Reads

boyandbot amydyckman laluna enricocassarona linasballerinas gracemaccarone

presshere hervetullet quietbook deborahunderwood tocatchastar oliverjefffers

wantmyhatback jonklassennotabox antoinetteportismydad stevesmallman

Here are nine of the books that we’ve checked out from the library that I think Aditi and Rohit really enjoyed reading together at bedtime.

1. Boy and Bot (Ame Dyckman, Dan Yaccarino) is a cute book about (how did you guess?) a boy and a robot he meets in the wood. I like it because it’s about caring for your friends and about respecting and overcoming your differences and because it does not hit you over the head with these morals at all. The illustrations are fantastic and who wouldn’t want to have a robot as their friend?

2. La Luna (Enrico Casarosa) is based off a Pixar short movie about a boy being invited into the family business, which is arguably one of the best ever – they take care of the moon. It’s a magical little movie and it translates so well into a magical little book.

3. Miss Lina’s Ballerinas (Grace Maccarone, Christine Devenier) is about ballerinas, yes; and friends who share a passion and about how change can seem hard at first. This is a very girly book but again I like that it doesn’t belabour it’s point and that it incorporates a little math.

4. Press Here (Herve Tullet) is such an inventive interactive book, it almost feels like an iphone app. There is in fact an iphone app but the book is way better. It’s a little like those old choose your adventure books but there are no words; it’s just little dots of colour moving around. That may sound underwhelming but it is a really amazing book.

5. The Quiet Book (Deborah Underwood, Renata Liwska) is so sweet and tender. Its about all the little moments of quiet that come over kids when they find something wonderful or do something maybe a little naughty. It’s almost a forgotten part of childhood – those moments of silence no? There is also the Christmas Quiet Book which we are reading now and the Loud book which I havent checked out yet but looks equally wonderful.

6. How to Catch a Star (Oliver Jeffers) is about a little boy who tries his level best to get a star. The illustrations give the book a slightly surreal feeling (not Dr. Seussian levels of surreality though) but the end is triumphant and very real.

7.  I Want My Hat Back (Jon Klassen) is, I realised quite a divisive book after reading the Amazon reviews and I will admit the implications of the story are a little disturbing if amusingly told. I don’t know, I’d recommend this story if you like Roald Dahl’s adult stories. I don’t think it really sunk in for Aditi but it’s a book that’s really easy to read along to.

8. Not a Box (Antoinette Portis) is I think the book that inspired one of my favourite Instagrams of Aditi’s, where she’s pretending that she’s a program on TV. Although while she read the book she kept pointing out that the rocket was in fact a box, the robot was a box etc. Still in the end she did wind up in a box/TV.

9. My Dad! (Steve Smallman, Sean Julian) is just straight up hero worship of dads. Of course Aditi loved it. This is just a straightforward sweet book, beautifully illustrated and perfect for anyone who loves their dad.

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