Chicago Botanic Garden


These pictures were taken at the Chicago Botanic Garden at the very end of summer. Found them while I was trying to update Advaith photo album on FB and thought I should post more of them here. It’s one of my favourite places to go with the kids. The spots we love to hit every time are the Model Railroad Garden and the Japanese Garden. This year we also went to see the Butterflies and Blooms exhibit which Aditi really loved. There are so many butterflies it’s impossible to leave without at least one settling on you and it’s such a magical thing. It reminds me of catching butterflies when I was in school, although of course you are not supposed to touch any of the butterflies here. This was also the first time we went to the Children’s Garden where you’re encouraged to water the plants and they give you a little packet of seeds that you can take home and plant. It makes me happy that one of Aditi’s favourite activities in school is  naming and sorting fruits and vegetables, which I think is because of our trips here and because of course of the garden Ro and she tend during the summer.

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