On Monday I went to Aditi’s school to take pictures of her class and just to see how she was doing. I really need to up my photography skills – taking pictures of kids in the wild is hard!

Aditi was so excited that I came to school – it made me wish I could go to school with her everyday 🙂 Ha! It was so fun to see her show off all the activities she likes to do – like matching the vegetables with their pictures and their names, washing the puppy, sitting at the sound table and of course playing with Arjan. All the kids thought it was Aditi’s birthday which was funny. I guess that’s the usual reason parents come to class. It was also fun to see how the kids loved Advaith. (Yeah, I took him. I hoped he’d nap through it but no such luck.) Aditi was super protective of her brother too. It made me feel all warm and mushy inside.

Aditi has been going through a phase where she doesn’t want to go to school so it was helpful to see her in her element. I think I can see why she sometimes feels like she doesn’t want to go to school but I am not too sure what to do about it. There is a parent teacher conference coming up so hopefully I will figure out how to deal with it by then.


One thought on “NSMS

  1. Lovely pics. And Beksu, what a good motherly thing to do to visit the school cos Aditi is going through an I don’t want to go to school phase. Aditi and Adboos are lucky!

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