Kids say the darndest things

Some fun things that Aditi’s been saying:

I was trying to convince her to finish her asparagus, so I told her it was Arjan’s favourite: Aditi’s reply – ” but it’s not my favourite Amma!”


I recently took Aditi to The Treehouse in Lake Zurich and as usual got lost on the way. While I was trying to get my bearings, Aditi piped up from the back – what does Jesus say Amma? I was a bit startled but distracted so I just said, Jesus loves you sweetheart (from a song I sing to her at night) and she said, no Jesus will show you the way. That really shook me because we haven’t really talked about religion or taken her to church, so I asked her who told her that and she said you did Amma. More confusion on my part. A little more questioning back and forth and all was solved – the GPS will show me the way. 😀

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