A week prior the school has a Halloween party, I think so that the teachers won’t have to cope with kids wearing their costumes to school. I’d already put Aditi in this costume for a birthday party so she wasn’t quite as excited about it as I still was. Although the glow stick wand did amp up her enthusiasm sufficiently for us to take these photographs. Once we got to school she took off the wings and gave me the wand , which left her costume looking like we just got her a crown and a gold dress.

I should mention that in the run up to Halloween Aditi wanted to be a spider, which I wan quite enthusiastic about but soon she switched to wanting to be Spiderman, thanks to Arjan. Of course once we took her to the store she refused to even look at Spiderman costumes including the Spidergirl costume. It was quite hard to separate her from the Disney princess costumes but we left with just a crown instead and put together this fairy princess look. Next year though she is probably going to be a Disney princess and I won’t be able to stop her.


3 thoughts on “Halloween!

  1. Awwwwww!!! What a lovely post, thanks for sharing…Halloween was definitely special this year. So happy that Arjan and Aditi are besties, it’s the cutest thing! And awesome pics photographer Rebecca! I love the one where Aditi is admiring Spiderman, super adorable!!!

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