Fall Activities

The first week of October, Aditi’s school organised a trip to Didier Pumpkin Farm. It wasn’t a field trip exactly, because parents attendance was mandatory and once we got there, we were all free to go in any direction we wished; but they did pay for entry, organised pumpkin donuts and apple cider and all the kids got to take home a free pumpkin. It was a really fun time – although weather wise it wasn’t the best. It was raining and in the end I hardly took the camera out. They have an elaborate hayride, a petting zoo with some exotic animals like a zebra, a couple of kangaroos and kudu. They also have a small enclosure where you can feed lovebirds seed which doesn’t sound as exciting as it was but the birds are so tame, they sit on you and fight for their seed, it can be a little scary.

Here are Aditi, Arjan and their teacher Mrs Pyzyna eating their pumpkin donuts.

Sonia, Arjan and Aditi at the start of the hayride. It was so rainy that soon after I put away the camera and didn’t take any  more pictures. The kids had a such a great time that we came back a couple of weeks later and this time we went on the pony rides and the camel ride which I guess you’ve seen on Instagram. I’m so happy we found this place, the more things like this I discover the more homelike Arlington Heights feels, which is both good and bad I guess.


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