Clearing out some old pictures


I’m sorry that I haven’t been very regular about updating this blog. After Maya and Arun left somehow I just let things slide and slide and then of course Ro hurt his back and it was all chaos for a while. I found these pictures in my aditiandadvaith folder and I thought I’d post them although I can no longer remember exactly what I wanted to write about them.


Like these photos. Obviously the fruits of our Ro’s labour and Aditi helped me arranged the veggies for the photograph but was there anything more? I don’t remember. Possibly I wanted to share a recipe for baingan bharta?

Then there’s this picture of Advaith looking pensively into the dollhouse but apart from it’s obvious cuteness I’m not sure what I wanted to record here either. It probably was scintillating. You have to take my word for it.

Then this picture commemorates a day in which we tried to use up all the lego to build a city. I am so happy on any day that Aditi plays with lego but it can be challenging when there’s a baby who loves eating (or attempting to eat) essential elements of a structure. An aside: I love her red pants and wish I could pull them off myself.

I think we’re all caught up with all the miscellaneous photos. Fingers crossed for more regular posting.

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