He’s Crawling!

So, my littlest little is beginning to crawl. I’d completely forgotten how much happens in the first year. It feels like he just learnt how to roll over. I was still getting used to that. Now, he’s crawling, army style on his elbows and knees very purposefully towards the dirtiest thing in his line of sight, usually our rubber slippers, to gnaw on them gummily. In another month he’s supposed to be sitting up. This is all happening too fast.

We took him today to get his passport, so I dressed him up in the last of his unworn FabIndia finery. It just fits him, by tomorrow he’ll probably be bursting out of it Hulk-like,so I took a couple of pictures to share with you since his actual passport photo is more like a mug shot than anything else.

Just an aside: I’d called my mom to tell her about Advaith crawling but I had to hang up before I could get to my news. Amma mentioned to  my aunt that I had some good news, who promptly jumped to the conclusion that I was pregnant again. Um; no. That said, I’m beginning to think three kids might be fun. What do you think? Three kids – irresponsible? impractical? a great idea?



2 thoughts on “He’s Crawling!

  1. usually i would frown at the 3-kids idea. you know, global warming and overpopulation and all that. but you make really cute kids, so you are allowed 🙂

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