It’s all happening at the Zoo

This Saturday we took Aditi (& Advaith) to Brookfield Zoo. We’ve heard so much about it and it definitely lived up to all the hype. Apart from all the exhibits, they also had regular play areas where you could get out of the stroller and blow off some steam, which was a very good idea. There are restaurants in the zoo but we’d heard they were expensive, so we’d packed lunch and it was relaxing to sit at the picnic tables while Aditi played. We didn’t go to every exhibit because we were trying not to overtire the kids. Aditi wanted to see the tigers and the giraffe so those were our targeted visits and whatever else we saw on the way (pygmy hippos, bison, bears eating fish!). I really enjoyed the monkey house and I got to see a mandrill and that made my day because I have wanted to see one ever since forever.The only special things we did were the dolphin show and the big carousel at the exit.  The dolphin show was a big hit with us as a family, the carousel as always was much enjoyed by Aditi. I highly recommend Brookfield if you’re in Chicago with some time on your hands. We even bought memberships so you know I’m serious.

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