Charlie and Lola

Charlie & Lola is Aditi’s new favourite TV show (which we have to watch on youtube). Charlie is the older brother and he has a sister, Lola who is “small and very funny”. Lola is bright and imaginative and sweetly wilful and Charlie is for the most part is a very patient older brother, who gets Lola to eat her dinner, go to school and go to bed among other things. I never had an older brother and I was not the best older sister but this sibling dynamic is so sweet and so funny that I find myself watching along with Aditi all the time. Karan is Aditi’s cousin and her only chance at an older brother and it was so funny to see how easily they slipped into their roles. Achacha could do no wrong in Aditi’s eyes and he kept an eye out for her and tried to teach her how to play football and cricket.

Kavya is Karan’s sister and she is only 4 months younger than Aditi. This means that the real sibling rivalry was here. On one hand it was great  – Aditi got toilet trained in days because Kavya already was and she ate a lot more than she usually would because Kavya is a bit of a foodie. On the other hand, sometimes it resulted in tantrums over who got to put soap in the dishwasher and who sat in the pink car seat. Still, Aditi is lucky to have a cousin so close in age and I can imagine them as little girls full of secrets and plans by the next visit.


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